Renfroe and Renfrow: The Hunters connect

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Renfroe and Renfrow: The Hunters connect

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Renfroe and Renfrow: The Hunters connect


by Mark Harris
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PEORIA, Ariz. – Remember when San Diego Padres right fielder Hunter Renfroe suited up for the Clemson Tigers and caught the game-winning touchdown in the national-title game against No. 1 Alabama?

Oh wait, it was wide receiver Hunter Renfrow who caught the pass. The Padres’ Renfroe was just watching the game.

The two athletes share the same name (although their identically pronounced last names end with different letters), and that’s not all. They have a personal relationship via Twitter.

It began more than a year ago, after Renfrow starred for Clemson in the 2016 national-title game, in which Alabama edged the Tigers.

Pretty soon, folks were figuring out there were people named Hunter, with last names pronounced the same way, who played pro baseball and college football. Or, in the view of some people, these two Hunters were one and the same.

The Padres’ Renfroe said: “I got a lot of tweets on Twitter and stuff like that about you know, ‘This guy plays for the San Diego Padres and he plays wide receiver for Clemson.’

“And I kind of joked with him on Twitter about it and kind of started talking to him and we kind of keep up with each other,” Renfroe said.

Renfroe told his new friend at Clemson that he felt the bewilderment first-hand.

Renfrow responded and didn’t rule out the Renfroe having championship glory of his own.

Once the Padres’ Renfroe, 25, got more familiar with Renfrow, he was impressed with the young wideout.

“Great guy,” Renfroe said. “Very humble dude, very Christian. Good dude.”

Renfroe the baseball player has already made it to the big leagues. He thinks that Renfrow, despite being 5-foot-11 and weighing 180, will make it to the majors in his sport, too.

“He’s an absolute competitor,” Renfroe said. “Obviously there’s a lot of little guys in the NFL doing really, really well. I think his career is just starting.”

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