DING-DONG KO: Travis Shaw likes power of being Mayor, but not the title

Annaliese Leon/Cronkite News

DING-DONG KO: Travis Shaw likes power of being Mayor, but not the title


DING-DONG KO: Travis Shaw likes power of being Mayor, but not the title


by Annaliese Leon
Cronkite News

PHOENIX – Third baseman Travis Shaw is in his first spring training with the Milwaukee Brewers, and the nickname “Mayor of Ding Dong City” has followed him.

Shaw acquired the nickname in his days with the Boston Red Sox, from whom the Brewers acquired him Dec. 6.

“When I got called up in 2015, I went through a stretch where I hit quite a few home runs in a short period of time,” Shaw said.

Shaw hit his first big-league homer on Aug. 1 that season. Over the remainder of August and September, he hit 12 more .

The nickname was given to him by writer Jared Carrabis of Barstool Sports.

Carrabis mentioned Shaw in a tweet with the nickname attached.

“I noticed a lot of people liked it and sure enough, every time I hit a home run, he kept saying it and the offseason going into last season is kind of when it took off,” Shaw said.“The fans of Boston just loved it for some reason, and that’s kind of where it started.”

The fun in the nickname did not stop there.

Barstool Sports sent a surprise gift to the Red Sox clubhouse for Shaw _ a box filled with shirts that read “Mayor of Ding Dong City.”

Shaw passed the shirts on to his teammates.

He said he wore one of his shirts after he hit his first homer last season, but that he hasn’t donned one since.

Shaw finished last season with 16 homers. He arrives in Milwaukee with 29 homers for his career.

Those around him embrace the nickname, but Shaw is not its biggest fan. He claims that he is not going to sit around and call himself “The Mayor.”

“It was something that kind of took off a little bit more than I thought it would, or wanted it to, but I guess having a nickname is a little bit better than having none,” said Shaw, 26.

As a new player in Boston, where Barstool Sports was founded, Shaw wanted to stay on its good side.

He went on to describe Barstool Sports as the “TMZ” of sports.

Running with the nickname was Shaw’s way of executing that plan.

Will the nickname remain as a Milwaukee Brewer?

“There’s been a couple of people here that have said something to me,” Shaw said. “I don’t sit here and call myself that, so if the fans want it, then they can have it.”

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