Pitcher Josh Hader is Brewers' mane man

Pitcher Josh Hader is Brewers' mane man


Pitcher Josh Hader is Brewers' mane man


By Annaliese Leon

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PHOENIX — A long, curly blond mane flows out of the hat and rests on the shoulders of a Brewers pitcher.

Josh Hader, 22, has been growing out his hair for two years.

“I got tired of having short hair,” Hader said. “If that makes sense or anything.”

With long hair comes responsibility and maintenance.

“Just bend it over, twirl it and flip it back, that’s my go-to out of the shower,” Hader said.

The long locks tend to have a mind of their own on a daily basis.

“Straight, wavy, curly, it has its own little outfit everyday I guess you could say,” Hader said.

With so much movement as a pitcher, the hair tends to sometimes get in the way. He recalled a windy day when “my hair smacked me in the eyeball.”

The hair also gets stuck to his neck when he’s pitching.

He still hasn’t found the right brand of a daily shampoo. However, with hopes to land a shampoo deal, he apparently doesn’t plan on cutting his locks anytime soon.

“It’s a thing now, I guess, so got to let it ride. Maybe get a Head & Shoulders deal or something,” Hader said.

Hader mentioned how Troy Polamalu was the face of the “Head & Shoulders” commercial and that it’s “one of the goals.”

He wouldn’t be the first pitcher to endorse a hair product. New York Mets pitchers Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard landed deals with AXE’s hair-product line.

Hader hasn’t reached the majors, but he’s No. 38 on mlb.com’s list of major-league prospects. If locks mean anything, he’s a lock to make the Brewers.

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